About me..

Welcome to KMACADEMY! My name is Kristina Mackova and I am the founder and therapist and Mentor for your inner "optimization" and even better results! 🍀. My passion is to simplify things and to continually develop my inner and outer world. I am pleased to help people to solve thier unsolvable situations so that they can reach their full potential. Life is amazing if we do not make it too complicated and we take it "SIMPLY EASY”.

I gained my work experience in various professions, but they had a common denominator - working with people with doferent culture , building markets and new concepts at a global level. I I fell in love with the automotive industry, where we with colleagues optimized the external processes. 

 And it is the human mind that has been and continues to be the hard hurdle in our AI driven industry, where technology is constantly evolving and the limits of our possibilities are moving forward every day. Up to 90% of the cost of unnecessary defects in work processes may be caused by human factor.

That's why I decided with KMACADEMY to support people and optimize our internal processes Because if we change it inside us, it will change itself outside

In order to be able to convey my vision well, I first worked on my inner self for 10 years. It led me to a life improvement technique that has worked not only for me but for other people as well. After this intensive training and constant work on my inner self, I became a certified therapist of the RUS Method, which empowers me to help people solve their problems quickly, efficiently and with lasting results.

KMACADEMY also cooperates with Experts from around the world who, according to your requirements, pass on their know-how in the form of workshops / tutorials and so on.

Wishing you a beautiful SIMPLY EASY day 🙂

Your Kristina.

Kristina Mackova, founder KMACADEMY , therapist and mentor for your inner "optimization" and even better results!

My personal MISSION

 I help people to fully connect with themselves and to rediscover their own uniqueness - for better results! And the key I use: always start with you first if you want to change something in your external environment and take it - "SIMPLY EASY. “

Kristína Mackova, founder KMACADEMY , therapist and mentor for your inner "optimization" and even better results! 🍀

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Kristína Macková