"The investment / results of work on ourselves are permanent. No crisis, pandemic or anyone else can take it from us. And according to the masters of the highest yoga, not even our death.

"Kristína Macková, therapist and Mentor for your inner "optimization" and even better results! 🍀


    - it is a logical, fast and effective method that solves your problem at the roots
    - in a relationship (including the financial one), any worries, concerns, fears, phobias (including a social phobia), anxieties, regret, sadness, depression, stress, fury, hate, anger, jealousy, envy, an experienced shock, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a feeling of loneliness, lacking love, separation, futility, burnout, fear of death, fear of suffering and pain, suicidal thoughts, anorexia, bulimia, an allergy, a headache including migraines, a trauma resulting from a divorce as well as a breakup – whether it has already occurred or not yet, a miscarriage, a death of a close person or a loved pet, and any health problems


    - You will be guided through the process in a structured way, so that you will find the causes of the problem, resolve them and not live it anymore


    - that you want to solve the problem
    - your willingness to return to the cause situation and process them - it is NOT hypnosis or anything like that - During a session, you know where you are and what happens to you in every moment. Your eyes will be closed in order to be better aware of your feelings, both emotionally and physically,  and you will be able to recall past events


  • up to 4 hours
    - from Monday until Friday, or regarding your preferences


  • Personally / Online
    - place of personally -Prague. The session can be done also at the place of your requirements. Hereby the travel expenses and travel time will be charged


  • 289 EUR
    - for session in Prague, the amount can be paid in cash


    - the session is performed by a therapist certified by the RUS method. Therapists are reviewed annually by the author of the method. After a successful 5-day recertification completion, the certificate is renewed. This ensures that the therapists are constantly working on themselves and evolving



Once again, thank you very much for yesterday's therapy, which helped me a lot and I am sincerely grateful for it.
MichaelaPhDr candidate
I had the therapist Kristina, she was very patient with me. I don't understand how it was possible that I could remember certain events from my childhood so colorfully. The therapy helped me a lot. My lost self-confidence is slowly but surely coming back and with it other problems disappearing as well. I found a way to love myself again. Thanks to the RUŠ-Method I know how to solve my problems.Thank you for the therapy
Šárkaon maternity leave
I am a pragmatist. After 4 hours of thinking, however, I had to admit that there really are a number of contexts that I did not want to admit and about which I knew nothing, but they have a great influence on my functioning today ... (... Note: abbreviated due to personal data) .... During the week I also wrote to my father that I would like to meet him in May. He asked me to suggest a possible date. Even after 11 years of silence, I decided to open this locker too. Kristina, I want to thank you. I still have a long way to go, but I really know our journey will end at a point we all have the same in life, so it's actually right. You are very sensitive and receptive. I think that in your case it is not "only" about the RUŠ method, but about your general empathy and everything that is in you. And what is not a little. I wish that your life will continue to be filled with inner peace, from what you radiate from yourself, although you too could have your problems. I wish you a nice day full of smiles. (Note: 2 days later was added ...) I wish you a nice day and just for information, I have run my best time That's a great success for me. There are no limits, we only set limits for ourselves. .... I go on ... and thank you for that. (Note: ... editorially abbreviated)
MarekDirector of a financial institution
It's nice to hear that she's feeling better than before you visited. I knew if I recommended you it would move. You approach therapy differently than others. In a way that's hard to describe, but I think there's more to it than just the therapy in the theory you learned, which I find more important than it seems. Thanks for that. This is a new colleague who came to me and we saw each other for the first time last week on Tuesday and Wednesday. I could tell from her voice and appearance that she wasn't feeling very well and gradually confided in herself. I felt like I could give her the opportunity to move around in life and not be in one place, even though she pretended to be happier. And visibly she crossed the starting line, we'll see where she wants to continue on her own. Thank you again and have a nice day.
Employee of a directorDirector of a financial institution
..I'm fine after that and things are going very well :-).
LenkaOwner of a company
.. it's like after a pleasant massage 🙂
NicolaSales Manager
I visited the RUŠ therapist Kristina Macková because I know from my practice that a lot of body aches and pains can be caused by past emotional stress. Kristina uses a very effective method, but most of all she has a feeling. After four hours of therapy we found the cause of my problems and in the days that followed I felt much better and more relaxed in my body. It is very inspiring to complement Kristina in this way because working with the mind and emotions is an essential part of working on the body.
Today I slept a lot and I feel incredibly calm 🙂 it's great 🙂 ..
Sometimes I find time for your newsletters, sometimes not. Today I found time for it and I am very happy, the text was very exciting! This is exactly how I feel, I started making ceramics after a long time and I feel great !! I was at your therapy with the RUŠ method at the end of November. I feel very good, I definitely feel relieved! 🙂 Many Thanks!


““My experience is excellent with the RUŠ Method. Change in personal life, much better relationships with my partner, also my ex-husband, with parents, children - they are more independent, they thrive, they do what they love. I'm doing well at work, I'm working well with both traditional medicine and alternative treatments and it can be connected, I work much better in the hospital, I'm fine and on top of things, I'm learning new things in peace and I'm fine! Health serves, although I take care of my body and I will go to the spa in February. RUŠ clients appreciate it, I offer it and it will be solved if they really decide - great difficulties from serious illnesses to mental difficulties. In my work I still use mainly my example, goals and plans, what we really want and a personal overview. We are doing well economically and we have a lot of work to do. Having fun, the whole team in the leadership works very well with us. I am still sending a document of our and my goals for the year 2021.: -) ... Our HEALTHCARE thrives very well ”
prim. MUDr. Daňhová Barbora, MHADeputy Minister for Health Care and Head of the Rehabilitation Center of the Regional Hospital and therapist of the RUŠ Method
I am incredibly grateful for RUŠka (RUŠ method), I find it a very effective and fast method to solve any problem in a short time. After many years of sessions with psychologists and psychologists themselves, people come to me with their problems that they still cannot cope with (frustrated in various ways, not confident, demotivated, feeling like they don't know what to do next) and be amazed how the session helped you return to your inner strength, security. It is also nice that the customers become aware of what they have created for themselves in difficult life situations, and it is up to them whether they decide to change it and work on it, or whether they will live from their difficulties. In short, they will understand that we create our own life and that once we have created challenging life situations we have just as much and thanks to RUŠka a great opportunity to change it and no longer live and that is the great freedom of each of us.
Zita Svobodová ŠtecherováJUDr. und Therapist of the RUŠ method


therapist and mentor for your inner "optimization" and even better results! 🍀
During her many years of professional experience in the management environment in the field of optimization of external processes, she has repeatedly experienced work burnout with her colleagues and customers, and also with herself. This strengthened her in her decision that it is not enough to change the outer processes but also to include the inner processes in us humans. She has decided to find a way that not only helps her, but also other people to live a contented life according to their own ideas with ease and joy. She got to know different techniques, in order to be able to pass them on efficiently and effectively, she first tried them out on herself. After ten years of intensive transformation work and continuous inner self-optimization, she acquired the necessary certificates / know-how that enable her to support people in solving their problems quickly, efficiently and sustainably. She has completed over 11,000 hours of sessions with clients, helping them to successfully solve their professional or personal challenges and restore inner balance.

My personal mission

I help people to fully connect with themselves and to rediscover their own uniqueness. - for better results and a more beautiful Life! And the key I use: always start with you first if you want to change something in your external environment and take it - "SIMPLY EASY.“

Kristína Macková, therapist and mentor for your inner "optimization" and even better results! 🍀



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