Spring-cleaning for our feelings inside

Recently I read an interview with our mayor for my district in Prague. His invitation for the spring-cleaning – ”Let’s clean the world, let’s  clean our country” really inspired me. But it occurred to me that something important is missing there. What about with the cleaning ourself?

On my travels to India, I have often heard that with our last breath we can not take with our beautiful design cars / houses. Not even your own family is allowed. But what we take on 100% with ourselves, though not always voluntarily, are our unprocessed and even processed things inside us. Do you believe it or not? Um .. I prefer not to risk it and continue purifying myself.

Do you need some tip for working with your feelings inside? Then I have a tip for you an international workshop for global thinking people.

KMACADEMY invited the world famous Robert Kržišník, MSc Psych. and certified trainer of NON-violent Communication to Prague (Robert trains in more than 25 countries).  I recommend it to coaches, managers or those who want to understand better the own emotions and also of the others. The workshop is in English.  It is possible to have a translator in Czech during the workshop.

More information about the workshop see the link below:



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