KMACADEMY goes into detox

DAY 1: So I was inspired by the surroundings and I’m going to do it too – a 10-day cleansing of the body.

I’m 48 years old and today I’m starting my first detox. In the past years, no one would really get me in this. I was absolute against the fasting. Food and especially my favorite double espresso I just love! Now there was a change in me. I’m really curious about what’s going to happen. No special thing yet … Well, I’d love to drink my espresso ..

My goal: I have a clean and vital body, clarity in mind and decision making, inner wellbeing and joy of life.

DAY 2: Detoxication symptoms are slowly coming – in the morning I feel less tired, sometimes my back hurts and I feel more cold. Emotions come to my surface that I can immediately process 🙂 PS: I’m starting to think of a beautifully crunchy meal, I have to wait -11 days.

DAY 3 – 4 – 5 – 6On the third day, when I got up, I felt dizzy, but disappeared after taking a pinch of salt. Back pain or rather the lumbago increased very strongly. At night I searched in vain for a sleeping position where it would not hurt so horribly. On the fourth day, I was able to get rid of the pain with the technique I use. They have only remained minimal. Statistics show the recovery time for lumbago 1 and 6 weeks. I’m glad I made it so fast and easy without having to break the fast. On the fifth day, deeper emotions flooded me, bringing a wonderful inner peace after processing. So I could enjoy the afternoon sunshine. I can feel the hunger here and there, but it goes away after drinking fresh lemonade. Today is my sixth day, I plan a trip. I wonder how the body can do it if it is 6 days without food.

DAY 7: Ups..Today was the most critical day of all. I thought I had reached my limit. All morning, I thought I was about to collapse. I have such a state of collapse, even if I sleep little and are hungry for a long time. In the afternoon I had a huge appetite for spaghetti or just to bite into something. To this day, I have drunk 55.5 glasses of freshly prepared lemonade. Fortunately, I have a technique that I use to eliminate such internal obstacles, so I could process them right away. I’m looking forward to what brings me tomorrow.

DAY 8: At night, I woke up with a soft twitch in my toes and fingers. This can happen when the body has a deficiency of vitamin B12. Although it’s not part of a detoxification plan, I used the spirulina powder that contained it and it was fine again. In the morning I felt a slight weakness. I have worked both of my body problems with the technique I use. And then I had a nice quiet day.

DAY 9: A very nice day. I also managed to clean before Easter

DAY 10: I had a beautiful day. Tomorrow I start with the transition, so two days with fruit juices, the third day with fruit / vegetables and the fourth, if all goes well, I will start to eat a normal meal 🙂

DAY 13 End of DETOX: I eat first food – Fruits to lunch

JUPI! I finished a total of 13 days of fasting – without food 🙂 Seriously, I thought 2 days before the beginning of fasting that I would not be able to do it. It’s not possible without food! I will die, etc. I am very grateful to the RUŠ method, which has helped me to overcome sometimes very strange mental and physical exertions during fasting. My recommendations for those who are also preparing for their first fast: Take a break and do it in a group outside your home. It will be easier for you, with like-minded people, to overcome the small crises that are going to happen and not to be tempted by domestic delicacies. Don’t worry, the time invested in it returns. And remember, after fasting, at least a week, to eat a minimum portion before your stomach gets used to eating again:-) I wish you a successful detoxification of body and mind. And I’m looking forward to do it again -sometime. But not anymore during the Easter!

kristína macková